Retail network of stores ESO-CZ czech trade was created in 1994 when J&P KANCEL was created as a family company. At first company made office furniture, office equipment and office consumer goods.

In the next period, with growing customer demands, the company has begun to expand its services and product range. New establishments and shops of stationery, drugstore, food and mixed goods were established in small municipalities as well. At the same time, there was a wholesale trade with a wide range of consumer goods.

And because people can not only work and work, but they also need a little culturally and socially, J&P KANCEL has also begun to engage in the field of culture in Zbirožsko, where over one and a half films have been screened for over two and a half thousand Viewers. She also organized cultural and entertainment shows for children and adults. And even every year the company's ball. However, in 2010, the company ended this cultural activity because of a reduced public interest.

In 2006, the subsidiary J&P KANCEL Zbiroh s.r.o. was founded, which partly took over business activities and began to offer services in the property management and maintenance sector.

Due to the creation of a new company, the original name was changed to ESO-CZ czech trade because we currently operate over thirty grocery stores, mixed goods and specialized drugstores. Our company currently employs more than forty employees.